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Free iMedia Converter for Windows and Mac Review

iMedia Converter for Windows is a total media converter which combines ripping DVD disks and converting audio and video files, making it easier for windows users to rip DVDs, convert videos (such as MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV) and extract audio from DVD and video for playback on mobile players like iPod Touch 4, iPod Nano, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, Apple TV, Zune, PSP, Creative Zen, Archos, HTC and other portable devices. Also it helps you remove DRM protection and wipe off restrictions from enjoying video and audio files. It gives a full support of Windows 7.


  • Rip DVDs to audio/video formats
  • Convert videos for exporting to different devices
  • Remove DRM protections and restrictions
  • Trim, crop and edit and make special personalized video
Get the free license from the Facebook page by clicking ‘LIKE’ here http://www.facebook.com/iskysoft?v=app_4949752878 or from http://www.iskysoft.com/software-giveaway.html
Fill in the First Name, Last Name and Email and click Send Keycode.
and you will receive your license by email. Do note that this Keycode can be used for this version only and cannot be used in future upgraded versions of the software.
IMedia Converter for Mac Free:
If you would like to win the Mac license then you can get it by doing as i say. 
  • Please put your comment below that you want the Mac version and you could win the license
The Giveaway runs till 26th.
Merry Christmas…
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Free SuperEasy Video Converter Basic

The program converts DVD-videos as well as video files of most different formats to exactly the standard that you require for your device. Even better, it downloads flash videos from platforms like Youtube and MyVideo and converts them to the required format without wasting time. In order to use SuperEasy Video Converter you do not require any knowledge concerning the supported formats and characteristics of your player. Just enter the target device, the software will take care of the rest with optimally tuned profiles set up by our experienced programmers, who have explored the most hidden corners of every player, whether portable or stationary.


  • Intuitive and easy to operate surface
  • Recording of DVD-videos (incl. single chapters), video and flash files from Internet platforms as source files to be converted
  • Direct video download from sites like Youtube, Google Video, Clipfish, MyVideo, VideoTube, MySpace, Metacafe, Sevenload, iFilm, blip.tv and dailymotion – with or without converting
  • Integrated preview of files to be converted
  • Detailed display of files to be converted
  • Setting of cut markers: only convert what you want to see
  • Splitting of videos for memory card players or other devices with limited storage space


  • Use of latest, state-of-the-art compression technologies
  • Integrated profiles, which are optimally adjusted to the respective player and bring the best possible results – no need for the user to agonize over encoding options, aspect ratio or incompatibility
  • Comprehensive decoder equipment for reading all popular video formats plus less common standards


  • At present the SuperEasy Video Converter creates videos for the following devices:
  • iPod Video, iPhone, iPod Nano and iPod touch.
  • Playstation PSP and Sony Walkman
  • Sony Playstation PS3
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Xbox 360
  • Windows Mobile compatible devices (Pocket PCs, Micorosft Zune and others)
  • Flash videos (flv files) e.g. for homepages and video platforms
  • Mobile phones (MP4- or 3GP-compatible)
  • NEW! DVD Player with MPEG2 (DVD or SVCD compatible), MPEG4 as avi (DivX and Xvid compatible) and MPEG4 as mp4 (Nero Digital compatible)


  • The software recognizes and converts the following formats (among others):
  • unprotected Video-DVDs
  • XviD
  • DivX
  • Nero Digital
  • High Definition Video Material (as .mpeg or .ts files)
  • High Definition Video (HDV)
  • WMV files
  • MPEG1 and MPEG2 files
  • nearly all MPEG4 files
  • nearly all h.264 files
  • mobile phone videos (3gp or mp4)
  • Flash Video files (.flv)
  • and many more…


  • Windows XP/Vista
  • Windows Media Player 10 or 11
  • .NET Framework Version 2.0 (is automatically installed if not yet available)
  • Important for Vista: Please ensure that the sound-card is correctly installed!
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Pentium-compatible processor
  • Mouse

Enter your first name, last name and email address and submit it.
You will receive a confirmation link to confirm your email. After confirming your email address the license key will be sent your email.
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Winners of Glary Utilities Pro License

Well i waited, waited and waited seems like no one except the six people who commented want a Glary Utilities Pro license. So i announce the Winners, of course all are.

At the time of posting i have still not yet sent the license but will be doing so after posting this. So winners kindly take your time and comment back whether you have received the license or not. the winners are,

  • malkhaz (alfric****@yahoo.com)
  • bruno_lm (bruno*****@gmail.com)
  • anup kumar (anup*****@ymail.com)
  • Richking123456 (richki*******@gmail.com)
  • Csjjpm (csj****@hotmail.com)
  • la (dung*****@gmail.com)
Congrats on your win and kindly comment back. If you have not already downloaded the software, kindly download it from http://www.glaryutilities.com/gup.html?tag=download
Have a Wonderful holiday season…
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BufferZone Pro Review [Free all through December]

BufferZone is the only security software that creates a separate environment allowing you unlimited freedom to enjoy all Internet activities without the fear of external threats. BufferZone starts where your anti-virus stops. By creating a virtual environment it makes sure that any infection that occurred could be reversed easily, thus being effective when the antivirus fails.

Anti-virus, firewall and anti-spam are recommended as a good basis for securing your PC. But the limitations of these popular security suites are well known. Anti-virus can take up to several days to respond to new Internet threats and needs constant updates and maintenance. This results in even more critical time for your security software to finally be updated against a new threat. Meanwhile, you are completely exposed and unprotected.


  • Safely download anything in an isolated (virtualized) zone
  • Safely open e-mail attachments in an isolated (virtualized)
  • e-Bank and e-Shop in a trusted environment (Privacy Zone)
  • Safely browse in an isolated (virtualized) zone
  • Safely chat with IM in an isolated (virtualized) zone
  • Schedule periodic “flushes” of the Virtual zone
  • Safely share with P2P applications in an isolated (virtualized)
  • Safely use USB devices in an isolated (virtualized) zone
  • Lock your personal files (in confidential folders) inside a trusted zone
  • Important software upgrades pass automatically into the trusted zone
  • Take a “snapshot” of the Virtual Zone for one- step restore

All through December the Pro version is available for free in their homepage http://www.trustware.com/

BufferZone Pro contains your Internet activities inside an isolated environment called the “Virtual Zone.” The Virtual Zone is displayed as a red border around your screen. All potentially threatening programs and files remain isolated from your personal files and your PC’s operating system. Your personal and private information stay in a separated trusted environment. All virtualized and trusted programs and files are easily viewable in the same interface.
The Downloaded program was small about 15MB and the installation was a breeze.

Registration is optional we can choose not to register, Click finish and reboot your system.

BufferZone Pro’s patented “Threat Virtualization” technology provides the final layer to your computer’s defenses. BufferZone Pro is preventative protection that complements the reactionary method used by all traditional anti-virus.

BufferZone Snapshot:

It runs all the browsers, P2P and messenger in a Virtual Environment to prevent the system from getting infected.In the Virtual Zone, you can browse the Web , e-bank, share, chat , download and open any file or application without threatening your PC and personal files. BufferZone Pro download gives you complete protection against Internet threats.

Hence the BufferZone pro is a very useful Security software in addition to a antivirus software to assist you in online shopping, browsing and to protect you from unknown infections.

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Less than 3 Months till IPv4 Exhaustion

Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) is the fourth revision in the development of the Internet Protocol (IP) and it is the first version of the protocol to be widely deployed. Together with IPv6, it is at the core of standards-based internetworking methods of the Internet. IPv4 is still by far the most widely deployed Internet Layer protocol. As of 2010, IPv6 deployment is still in its infancy.

According to current estimates, 3 months from today the IANA will have no more free blocks of IPv4 addresses to allocate to the various RIRs (Regional Internet Registries), the bodies which then parcel out addresses to Internet Service Providers. Approximately one year from today those ISPs will run out of addresses to allocate to end-users. You’d better buy them all up now before the hoarders get to them!

Source: http://www.raymond.cc/forum/general-forum/25316-3-months-till-ipv4-exhaustion.html

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New Facebook Profile Page

Facebook Profile page now has a new look. It is still not rolled out to all users but users who wish to use it can use it from today.

Start with a snapshot:
Your profile begins with a quick summary of who you are, giving friends an easy way to see where you live now, where you’re working and more. A collection of recently tagged photos also shows what you’ve been up to lately.

Share your experiences:
Give a more complete picture of how you spend your time, including your projects at work, the classes you take and other activities you enjoy (like hiking or reading). You can even include the friends who share your experiences.

Discover common interests:
Showcase the things you care about most and connect with friends who share the same interests, including sports teams, the people who inspire you and more. Your top interests now appear as a row of images — just drag and drop to put your favorites first.

Highlight meaningful relationships:
Relationships with close friends can be just as important as family. Now you can highlight family members and the other key people in your life, like your best friends or coworkers — all right on your profile.
See how you connect with friends

Get it from here http://www.facebook.com/about/profile/

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Free 20 Glary Utilities Pro License

First a advance Christmas and New Year Wishes. Its December and hence i’ve decided to make a giveaway of my favorite system tweaker, Glary utilities. Glary Utilities Pro offers numerous powerful and easy-to-use system tools and utilities to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC.

It allows you to clean common system junk files, as well as invalid registry entries and Internet traces. You can manage and delete browser add-ons, analyze disk space usage and find duplicate files. You can also view and manage installed shell extensions, encrypt your files from unauthorized access and use, split large files into smaller manageable files and then rejoin them. Furthermore, Glary Utilities includes the options to optimize memory, find, fix, or remove broken Windows shortcuts, manage the programs that start at Windows startup and uninstall software. Other features include secure file deletion, an Empty Folder finder and more.

For more info http://www.glarysoft.com/products/utilities/glary-utilities-pro/


In the previous giveaway there were lots of problems with license not working or already activated issue and i promise this wont be repeated(anyway i fixed those issues). these Glary utilities license are genuine license. I’ve made it easier by integrating Disqus comments so that there is no need to use the Contact Form. Giveaway runs till 10th December.
Two Requirements:

  • Subscribe to the blog’s post by email,
  • Comment on this post below with your valid email (as license will be send to it) and
  • Share it in Twitter, Facebook, stumbleupon or Digg (Optional but increases your chances).
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ❤
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Free Zentimo External Device Manager

Zentimo is a powerful external drive manager. It saves time and extends user abilities on active work with flash-drives, portable drives, card readers and other gadgets.

Key Features:

Drive Letter Management:
The program hides drive letters of unused card reader slots, can assign drive letters to a specific device, and much more…

Portable App Quick Launcher:
Lets you launch any application located on your external drive with one click

Powerful Autorun:
Can automatically mount\dismount your TrueCrypt drive, launch a file manager, check flash drives for viruses and run anything else on device connection\disconnection

Enhanced Safe Device Removal:
Lets you stop a device, display locking processes, or reconnect a stopped device.

Honest Drive Speed Test:
Perform read/write speed tests for any attached drive.

Get it For free:
You can get the version 1.0 for free between 1st and the 7th of December. The license you’ll get allows you using the version 1.0 for lifetime, but doesn’t allow neither upgrades nor techinical support.

Get it free from here: http://zentimo.com/giveawayd10.htm


Found it useful, then share it.

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Backup Firefox Profile Data

Firefox is one of the most popularly used browser. Known for its wide variety of extension(add-ons) and themes. Having loads of features on one side it is extremely heavy on the other. Using a browser we save all our important data, bookmarks there and it is necessary that we backup our Firefox profiles cause we never know when we might need to format or reinstall our OS.

Backing up Firefox profile is easy by using an simple Firefox add-on called FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension).
FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension) allows you to quickly and easily backup your Firefox extensions. In fact, it goes beyond just backing up — It will actually rebuild your extensions individually into installable .xpi files. Now you can easily synchronize your office and home browsers.

Get the add-on from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2109/


It has the ability to take backup of parts or on the whole as a entire profile. It can be put in a removable device and be used in other systems, all you have to do is install this add-on on that system and select restore backup. It has a variety of option on ‘what should be backed up and what should not be backed up’.  The backup profiles can be directly uploaded to Box.net.
Get the add-on from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2109/
Found it useful, then share it…

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